Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our most frequently asked questions, if you need further assistance please email us on


Check whether any of the strings have frayed. A frayed string will be close to breaking. A loss in string tension is another reason to consider restringing. A loss in tension will reduce the amount of control and power you are able to generate which will affect the performance of the racket.

Signs your strings have lost tension: your racket is beginning to feel 'dead' or lifeless, you are having to swing harder to get the ball to go deeper, you make good contact with the ball but aren’t getting as many solid contacts and the sound has changed when making contact with the ball.

We would recommend that you have your racket restrung the number of times you play per week would be how often you have it restrung a year, assuming the strings haven't broken in this time. So for example, if you play 3 times a week you would have your racket restrung every 4 months.

To get a free assessment just send us an email to

Before a racket goes into the workshop for restringing we will carry out a full inspection of the frame to check for any previous damage and make sure it can support the requested tension. If we believe the racket will not cope with the desired tension we will advise you straight away before carrying out the restring. On the extremely rare occasion that a frame does break whilst being restrung we do not accept any responsibility for the damage. Rackets are restrung at the clients own risk.

Strings do not last forever but some will last longer than others. See our Stringing Guide for details on the durability of different types of string. Racket Stringer cannot be held accountable for a string that breaks on first use as this is something that unfortunately may occur from time to time.


Simply browse our website for your required racket restring and place your order online. You can pay securely via PayPal and all major credit and debit cards. You then package up and pay to post your racket to us. We carry out the restring within 48 hours and post back to you free of charge.

Yes of course. To acknowledge this, we're happy to offer a £3 discount. Simply enter the discount code "LOCAL" when ordering.

We aim to restring all rackets within 48 hours of receiving them (Mon - Fri). We then return via 2-3 working day courier service.


Ensure your racket is securely packaged. We recommend sending either via Royal Mail or courier service to our workshop address. You pay to send the racket to us and we return free of charge via courier service.

All returned packages are insured up to the value of £100. We always try to use where possible specially designed boxes to fit either your tennis, squash or badminton racket with sufficient protection. This limits any movement or pressure to the racket while in transit.