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How often should my racket be restrung?

Please see our Stringing Guide.I don't know what type of string would best suit my style of play?

To get a free assessment just send us an email to hello@racketstringer.co.uk

Does the brand of my racket have to match the brand of strings I buy?

No, rackets can be restrung with all brands of string.

What if a string breaks during the first time I use my racket after it has been restrung?

Strings do not last forever but some will last longer than others. See our Stringing Guide for details on the durability of different types of string.

Racket Stringer cannot be held accountable for a string that breaks on first use as this is something that unfortunately may occur from time to time.

How do I know if my racket needs restringing, I can't see any visual effects?

Check out the Stringing Guide.

What if my racket breaks whilst being restrung?

Before a racket goes into the workshop for restringing we will carry out a full inspection of the frame to check for any previous damage and make sure it can support the requested tension. If we believe the racket will not cope with the desired tension we will advise you straight away before carrying out the restring. On the extremely rare occasion that a frame does break whilst being restrung we do not accept any responsibility for the damage. Rackets are restrung at the clients own risk.