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Stringing Guide

How do I know if my racket needs restringing?

Check whether any of the strings have frayed. A frayed string will be close to breaking.

A loss in string tension is another reason to consider restringing. A loss in tension will reduce the amount of control and power you are able to generate which will affect the performance of the racket.

Signs your strings have lost tension:

  • Your racket is beginning to feel 'dead' or lifeless
  • You are having to swing harder to get the ball to go deeper
  • You make good contact with the ball but aren’t getting as many solid contacts
  • The sound has changed when making contact with the ball


How often should I have my racket restrung?

Racket Stringer recommends:

  • 1. Have your racket restrung after every 40 hours of play.
  • 2. Have your racket restrung depending on how often you play.


Number of times you play per week 1 - 2 3 4 5 +
When you should restring every 6 months every 4 months every 3 months every 2 months


It is worth noting that different types of string lose tension at different rates. A polyester string such as Luxilon Big Banger Original will lose tension faster than a synthetic gut string such as Head Synthetic Gut PPS. Your style of play will also affect the lifespan of your strings.


What types of strings are there?

Natural Gut

  • A natural material from animal intestine (usually bovine).
  • A very popular string as it helps to create power, control and spin.
  • The most resilient material with the best tension retention (remains soft when strung at high tensions compared with other materials that stiffen).
  • The most expensive and least durable of all types of strings (highly likely to break in wet conditions).

Synthetic Gut

  • Produced to compensate for the lack of durability from natural gut and comes in a variety of colours.
  • Used in many factory strung rackets as it is well suited for many playing levels.
  • Provides a good mixture of power and control but does not offer a lot of spin potential: unless used with a textured or spin synthetic, such as Head RIP Control.
  • Can be used on its own or with a more durable string such as a kevlar or polyester.


  • Created to replicate the characteristics of natural gut.
  • Thin Strands are wound around one another to create variations of power, control, spin and durability, such as Babolat Addiction.
  • Popular choice for many players as it provides a great mixture of playability and durability.
  • If you suffer from tennis elbow or have any arm injuries then this is the best string for you.


  • Provide the highest level of power, control and spin.
  • Primarily used by professionals who want durability and tension retention during matches.
  • Often used with another type of string such as a synthetic gut or multifilament creating a hybrid system.
  • Has a high impact on the arm and not recommended for juniors.
  • The majority of players use polyesters on the main strings and anything else on the crosses.

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Tennis Restring - Professional

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